5280 Whiskey Society Medley Exclusive Private Barrel Pick

Please read prior to reserving your bottle.  This is a very limited whiskey and it will be one per each 5280 Whiskey Society Member only.  First come First serve.  We were very fortunate to be selected as one of only 25 Whiskey Societies/Groups around the country to receive one of these very exclusive barrels.  This Kentucky Straight Bourbon comes in at 126.44 proof and is outstanding.  Each bottle will retail at Davidsons for approximately 85.00.  Multiple pick up dates will be emailed out.  You must be a member to reserve and purchase a bottle and at least 21 years of age.  Reserving a bottle does not guarantee a bottle if you fail to pick up your bottle in 30 days from time of availability at Davidsons.  Good Luck Members!  

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5280 Whiskey Society Private Barrels

Altitude Sipness


Four Roses OBSV 9 years 2 months,  120 proof , 2018

Sold Out

Altitude Adjustment


Four Roses OBSF 8 years 11 months, 112.6 proof, 2019

Sold Out

I'm Your Hucklebourbon


Four Roses OBSV 9 years 7 months, 119.4 proof, 2019

Sold Out

Nancy Nose Best Vol #1


Joseph Magnus MGP 12 years 9 months, proof 96.81  (Only 111 bottle yield from barrel)

Sold Out

Nancy Nose Best Vol #2


Joseph Magnus MGP 12 years 9 months, proof 99.47  (Only 60 Bottle yield from barrel)  

Sold Out

Old Forester


Old Forester Single Barrel Bourbon proof 90, Charity Bottle with Pours For Paws.  Picked on March 7th 2019


Russells Reserve Wild Turkey


We picked a barrel of Russell Reserve with Mr Eddie Russell on May 1st.  

These have been reserved.  More details to come on pick up dates at Davidsons.  SOLD OUT

LARCENY Heaven Hill


We picked one of the first Larceny Private Barrels ever selected at Heaven Hill on May 8th.  This barrel was from the sweet spot on the 5th floor.  SOLD OUT

Blaum Bros


The Release Party for this Barrel was Saturday July 27th from 11-2 pm at Small Batch liquors.  Release is 118.9 proof, 12.7 years old MGP. 


Charles Medley Distillery, WATHEN'S


This will be a Single Barrel coming in at 94 proof.  We will be picking this August with Sam Medley.  Details to come.

Medley Bros

Medley Bros

We were very fortunate to be selected by Sam Medley and Charles Medley Distillery as one of twenty five private whiskey societies to have the honer of picking an Exclusive barrel that was bottled at 126.44  proof and NCF.  This has been bottled and we are waiting for arrival.

Jack Daniels Private Single Barrel Full Proof


We will be picking this at Jack Daniels on December 12th 2019.  look for this early next year to arrive!

Coming Soon Yellowstone Select


We selected this outstanding Yellowstone Select Single Barrel with Steven and Paul Beam on May 8th.  It over 4 years old and 93 proof. 


Coming Soon Elijah Craig Single Barrel


Heaven Hill surprised us with an opportunity to select a private single barrel Elijah Craig on May 8th.  The barrel was located on the 7th floor and is over 10 years of age. 


Coming Soon Four Roses Picks


We just returned from Four Roses for an epic day of picking three private barrels.  We had 10 barrels to chose from and selected an OESF, OESK and OBSV.  One will be bottled in November and the other two in December.  Look for an email. 

Coming Soon Buffalo Trace ???


What were we doing at Buffalo Trace on May 7th 2019?  Time will tell but its a good to be a 5280 Whiskey Society Member!

Four Roses


We are excited to bring you this private Four Roses pick arriving in late  November or early December.  It is an OESF at around 10 years and 7 months.  Look for an email coming soon.

Private Barrel Pick Bottle Reserve Policy:

All private picks that our reserved through 5280whiskey.com must be picked up and purchased within a month of the release time or your bottle(s) will be forfeited.  We will always have multiple pickup dates but our partners are not able to hold them in invertory at the liqour stores past this time frame.  Please communicate with us prior to the month time frame if you are have issues with securing your bottle(s).  Thanks